Need Fundraising Ideas?

Be Different – Be Creative – Offer a Healthy Product

Sell orders for our
#1 boneless Wild Sockeye Salmon Filets

Do you know a school, class, team or group that needs a new fundraising idea?  WildSalmon Canada provides a healthy, classy alternative to the usual candies and discount coupon books.

General benefits of our fundraising plans:

A Healthy Alternative:       Sockeye salmon offers the highest level of life-saving, polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids which medical research indicates may reduce the risk of heart disease.  It is a high protein and low in saturated fat and cholesterol. (a perfect complement to your Atkins diet).

No Product to Handle:       There is no need to ask your students to lug around boxes of product.  Orders will be delivered directly to the purchaser by a WildSalmon Canada food handler.

No Cash to Handle:            Don’t have students wandering the streets with large amounts of cash.  WildSalmon Canada will collect directly from the purchaser and pay your school its share of the proceeds.

One-Time Fundraising Drive

  The $2.00/lb. Blitz

An excellent opportunity for small to medium groups who want fast short-term funds.  Students or team members and their families sell orders for 10 or 20 pound boxes of salmon.  The orders are passed on to WildSalmon Canada and we make the deliveries, collect the money and pay $2.00/lb. to your school or team.  This is a little more work for your participants and takes some organization on your part, but it pays better as well!

Specific Benefits:

Fast:                      This is a low-volume high-profit alternative. The whole process can take as little as 10 days!

No Expenses:         It doesn’t cost your organization a cent to try it.  WildSalmon Canada will provide all of the flyers, order forms and information packages!

Profitable:              If every student in a class of 30 takes only two orders each, the class would make between $1,200 and $2,400 (depending on the size of the boxes sold)

Incentives:             Depending on the size of the participating group, WildSalmon Canada will provide age-appropriate prizes and incentives to help motivate the students (if you prefer to be more egalitarian, the prizes can be awarded by draw).

On-Going Fundraising Partnership

$1.00/lb. Forever

This is a long-term plan for larger groups who would benefit from continuous funding throughout the year.  Your organization includes our contact information in your newsletter, on your website and to your friends, families and supporters.  For every order placed by your contacts, we will pay $1.00/lb. to your organization.

    Specific Benefits:

Continuous:           Your organization earns money from the first order and every subsequent order your contacts make.

Easy:                     No need to have your participants out there knocking on doors.  No order forms  or flyers to deliver. Set up the partnership and spread the word.  WildSalmon Canada will do the rest.

Growth:                 As word spreads (and it will) so does your profit.  Every customer who mentions your organization when they place an order generates additional money for you.

Friendly:                No hassles.  Your customer contacts order what they want, when they want it.  They place the order online and pay when WildSalmon Canada delivers.

  Try one plan or try them both!  Call or email for an appointment to discuss the alternatives.