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#1 Wild Sockeye Salmon
the best salmon on the planet!

You will never want to buy at the Grocery Store again!

Vacuum packed, boneless and 
flash-frozen to minus 40 to lock in the freshness, 
our products include:

boxweb 6 ounce Sockeye filet portions!
Our Sockeye Salmon filet portions are sold in 10 or 20 pound boxes at $12.00/lb.  The boxes contain single-serving, vacuum packed portions (average 6oz.), flash frozen to preserve that northern Pacific freshness  

5+ oz (150g) Smoked Sockeye filets!
The same exceptional sockeye salmon filets, cured with natural sea salt and organic sugar,  smoked to perfection and thinly sliced for beautiful presentation. The perfect gift-size packs. $21.00/lb 

smoked12 oz (340g) Smoked Sockeye filets!
The same process, larger portions.  3/4 of a pound of exquisite treat.  Our unique relationship with the fishing company brings you this product at the incredibly low price of $19.20/lb.! 

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